Sports Camps

2015 Sports Camps Links

2015 Camps Schedule

Baseball - June 29 - July 2

Boys' Basketball - June 22-25 (Day Camp)

Boys' Basketball - June 14-17 (Overnight Camp)

Boys' Basketball - June 19-20 (Father/Son Camp)

Boys' Basketball - July 6-9 (Day Camp)

Boys' Basketball - July 19-22 (Overnight Camp)

Girls' Basketball - June 8-11 (Day Camp)

Girls' Basketball - June 28 - July 1 (Overnight Camp)

Cheerleading - July 20-22

Drumline - June 22-24 (Drumline Camp Flyer)

Mini Camp - July 16-18

Softball - June 15-18 (Day Camp)

Softball - June 21-24 (Overnight Camp)

Boys' Soccer - June 24-26 (Day Camp)

Boys' Soccer - July 15-17 (Overnight Camp) (Camp Flyer)

Girls' Soccer - June 29 - July 2 (Day Camp) (Camp Flyer)

Girls' Soccer - June 29 - July 2 (Evening Camp) (Camp Flyer)

Soccer - July 20-22 (Shooting Camp)

Tennis - June 15-18 (Morning & Afternoon)

Track - July 13-16 (Morning & Afternoon)

Volleyball - July 13-15 (Overnight Camp)

Volleyball - July 27-30 (Day Camp)

Bethel College Sports Camp FAQs


All campers check in at the main lobby of Wiekamp Athletic Center on the first day of camp. See camp descriptions for information on check-in times for each camp.


Day campers – Please bring a sack lunch. Lunchtime drink will be provided.

Overnight campers – All meals are provided beginning with breakfast on the first full day of camp.


The concession stand will be open at various times during the week. Day campers may deposit money in the "bank" if available, at check-in or keep track of their own spending money.

Camp store

The camp store will be open after the awards program on the last day of camp. T-shirts, jerseys, shorts, balls, etc. will be available.

For overnight campers

What to bring - Campers need to bring clothing for the week, bedding (sheets and a blanket or sleeping bag), pillow, towels and toiletries. Please DO NOT bring electronics, or other valuables to camp.

The bank

We do not want the campers to have money in their rooms. All money should be turned in to the "bank." Most campers bring $10-$20 for extra spending money during the week. The "bank" will be open to campers whenever the concession stand is open. Campers will also be able to order pizza one night during their week of camp.